handmade scandinavian pine rustic bracket shelf close up

Is Scandinavian Pine Timber Good For Furniture?

Wood is naturally beautiful and for centuries, humans have used wood so deeply within their lives.

Among all kinds of wood, pine stands out to make furniture. This down to its affordability and top-notch quality, pine furniture has to be your ultimate choice.

Around the world, pine is widely grown and used extensively when it comes to wooden furniture. Pine furniture is generally the go-to choice of interior designers, hoteliers, and people. Moreover, 125 types of pine are produced. That makes it a versatile option.

Essentially, it is a kind of softwood that strikes a lasting impression. If you are considering purchasing pine furniture, you are honestly making the right choice. We can tell you why, within this article.

A bit about Pine Wood

Pinewood is the most commonly used option when it comes to furniture. Usually, it grows at higher altitudes and requires lower temperatures. Next, it is mainly grown in most parts of the world, i.e., Europe, North America, Russia, and East Asia.

Nature has gifted us several types of pine wood. Scandinavian pine, Quebec yellow pine, and Russian white pine. All of which are the most notable ones.

Innately, pinewood is very durable and sturdy. So, what makes pine well suited to make furniture at such a high level? Well, let us find out below.

Why Pine Wood is the Best Choice for Making Wooden Furniture?

Now, there are many factors on why pine is suitable for making furniture. Let us walk you through these factors one by one below.

Strength & Quality

The very first factor we have is its strength and durability. Pine is very stiff. That is why; pine furniture lasts a lifetime. Despite being a softwood, it is very resilient. Even in other strength and quality determinants, pinewood takes the lead. These determinants are density, stiffness, hardness, bending capacity, and compressive strength. This is the main reason that it is the go-to choice of wooden furniture makers and interior designers. Moreover, it offers unmatchable workability and dimensional stability, making it ideal for wooden furniture.


Pine furniture can be pleasing to both the eyes and the mind. Its surreal texture makes it perfect for rustic furniture. If you are going for Scandinavian good, which is reddish, your furniture will be of very high quality.

Flexibility & Versatility

Next, pine offers brilliant versatility for all of its uses. As we mentioned before, there are around 125 types of pine available. Moreover, we use pine to make a multitude of furniture items. From coffee tables to wooden mirrors, pine serves the best, and from this, it makes it a flexible material for constructing a range of products.


Lastly, comes the best one. It is very affordable and is very high quality. That is why; consumers opt for pine furniture. In the market, other kinds of wooden furniture are very costly. That ultimately makes pine furniture a viable option. In addition, it brings real value for money!

Bottom Line

Opting for pine furniture is a smart decision. However, you need to be wise to purchase from credible pine furniture makers. Make sure it comes with a product guarantee. For instance, when you purchase from ourselves each of our products comes with a lifetime product guarantee with correct maintenance.