Rustic Hairpin Coffee Table


Introducing the epitome of functional art – our sought-after Rustic Hairpin Coffee Table. This piece is not just a table but a statement of refined taste. It boasts a rich, waxed finish that not only enhances the wood’s natural allure but also offers a practical barrier against moisture and stains, ensuring it is perfectly suited for the rigours of everyday use.

The tabletop radiates with a warmth that only premium, hand-selected wood can offer, showcasing distinctive grain patterns and a depth of colour that promises to captivate. Supported by sleek, hairpin legs in a classic black finish, it provides a modern twist to the rustic charm, striking a delightful balance that will complement any interior design.

For those who treasure their flooring, each table comes equipped with discrete floor-protecting feet, ensuring your hardwood floors remain pristine, free from scratches and scuffs. This coffee table doesn’t just blend into your living space; it elevates it, making it the ideal centrepiece for those who appreciate the timeless beauty of wood and the craftsmanship of traditional techniques combined with contemporary design.

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Experience the robust elegance of our bespoke Rustic Hairpin Coffee Tables, masterfully crafted from 47mm thick solid wood for a statement of enduring quality. With dimensions tailored to your individual space and style, our tables are available in a versatile array of sizes:

Width: Choose from a cosy 450mm to a generous 900mm.
Length: Select from an intimate 600mm to an expansive 1400mm.
Height: Perfectly poised at a height of 35cm for comfortable daily use.
Each table stands on sleek, industrial-inspired hairpin legs, creating a harmonious balance between rustic charm and contemporary design. Whether nestled in a snug nook or taking centre stage in a spacious lounge, these tables are customised to fit seamlessly into your life and decor.

Wax finishes

Dive into the diverse spectrum of our Rustic Hairpin Coffee Tables, meticulously hand-finished to resonate with your personal style. Select from an exquisite palette of shades and colours, from the soft whisper of pale grey to the deep reverence of walnut, and the effortlessly fashionable shabby chic. Peruse our collection and personalise your coffee table to become a true reflection of your unique taste.

Each table is a masterpiece, lovingly brought to life with the finest beeswax products that not only protect but also highlight the timber’s magnificent rustic features. The rich textures and tones of the wood are accentuated, offering a tactile and visual feast that promises to complement any interior decor scheme.

Make your statement with a table that’s as individual as you are, and elevate your living space with a piece that blends artisanal beauty with a touch of your own creative spirit.

About Our Timber

At Kidland Wood, we celebrate the inherent charm of all-natural wood. Our items embrace the rustic style in their purest form, featuring the authentic hallmarks of their origin—cracks, splits, knots, and beautifully uneven edges. Each piece carries its own unique story, rich with the character that only nature can bestow.

When curating multiple items for a harmonious look within your space, we recommend placing your order collectively. This ensures that the pieces, while individually distinctive, share the same chapter of their natural journey, creating a cohesive aesthetic.

Our interior-grade timber is meticulously seasoned, ideal for crafting furniture that graces your home with both beauty and resilience. Sourced exclusively from FSC Certified Northern Scandinavian Pine, our wood benefits from the rigours of a colder climate. This slower growth process not only imbues the pine with enhanced strength but also a reduced tendency to warp, ensuring your furniture stands strong as a testament to sustainability and superior quality.

What you will find

Wood Screws: Included in your package are high-quality, black carbon steel 25mm screws, chosen for their strength and durability. The screws complement the rustic aesthetic while ensuring a secure fit for the table legs. For your convenience, we pre-drill the holes to make the assembly process smooth and effortless.

Hairpin Legs: Your table will stand on four 30cm elegant hairpin legs, adding a sleek and graceful touch to the robust wood. These legs are not just a nod to chic design but also ensure stability and longevity.

Overall Height: The table’s total height is crafted to be 35cm, an ideal standard for comfort and functionality, whether you’re gathering for coffee or showcasing your favourite decor.

With these components, we ensure that from the moment your table arrives, you have everything you need to bring a piece of Kidland Wood’s rustic elegance into your home.

What to expect at the time of delivery

We at Kidland Wood understand that the journey from our workshop to your home is an important one. That’s why we invest utmost care in the packaging of every order, ensuring your item is safeguarded throughout transit to its destination. Once your customised piece passes our thorough inspection and is meticulously packaged, it is entrusted to the reliable hands of Parcelforce for delivery.

In the rare event that your item arrives with signs of damage or visible wear, we urge you to contact us immediately. Our commitment to your satisfaction means that we will promptly arrange for the return of the compromised item and replace it swiftly, at no additional charge to you.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and products, yet we acknowledge that on occasion, the unexpected can occur. Rest assured, we take full responsibility to rectify any issues with delivery, ensuring your Kidland Wood experience is nothing short of exceptional.