Rustic Hairpin Coffee Table With Storage


Unveiling our multifunctional Rustic Storage Coffee Table: a perfect blend of style and utility. This thoughtfully designed piece doubles as a chic storage solution and a contemporary TV unit, catering to your versatile living space needs. Crafted from the finest wood, the table presents a spacious lower shelf, ideal for organizing your favorite reads and magazines or displaying decorative items.

The table’s surface and shelf boast a rich, dark wood finish, treated with a protective wax that not only repels moisture and stains but also accentuates the wood’s natural grain, ensuring resilience and beauty for everyday use. The clean lines and robust silhouette are complemented by four slender, elegantly curved hairpin legs, bringing a touch of modern industrial charm to your home.

Additionally, each table is equipped with discreet floor protection feet, designed to safeguard your flooring from scratches and wear, making it a thoughtful addition to any room with hardwood floors. Whether centering your living area or anchoring your entertainment setup, this storage coffee table is a timeless piece that harmonizes practicality with rustic sophistication.

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Delve into the world of bespoke elegance with our Rustic Storage Coffee Tables, each boasting a robust 48mm thick wood construction. Tailor your piece to perfection by selecting from our curated colour palette, ensuring your new centrepiece is in complete harmony with your decor.

Our tables are not just about stunning aesthetics but also about providing a practical solution to your storage needs, all while maintaining the classic charm of rustic furniture. The sizes are thoughtfully varied to accommodate your space requirements:

Depth: A generous 45cm, offering ample surface area for your favourite books, cups of tea, and decorative items.
Length: Ranging from a cosy 600mm to an impressive 1400mm, ensuring there’s a fit for every room, large or small.
Height: Standing at an ideal 45cm, this table provides easy reach and an optimal visual balance in your seating area.
Transform your living space with a coffee table that’s not only a visual delight but also a testament to functional design and custom craftsmanship.

Wax finishes

Infuse your home with a piece that reflects your personal style. Our Rustic Storage Coffee Tables are available in an enchanting array of shades and hues, ready to complement and enhance any colour scheme. We invite you to explore our selection and choose a finish that makes your table distinctly yours.

Each table is meticulously hand-finished using the finest beeswax, chosen for its natural properties that not only protect but also elevate the wood’s inherent rustic beauty. The beeswax finish deepens the richness of the timber, drawing out the unique grain patterns and textures that make each piece one-of-a-kind.

From the understated elegance of pale grey to the deep, classic tones of walnut, and the effortlessly cool shabby chic, our colour range caters to all tastes. The wax lends not just a visual appeal but also a tactile smoothness that begs to be touched.

Select your ideal finish and let us handcraft a table that goes beyond mere functionality; one that’s a centrepiece, a conversation starter, and a personal statement all in one.

About Our Timber

Embrace the authentic character of our all-natural wood storage coffee tables, each piece celebrating the unrefined beauty of rustic design. The wood’s journey is told through its organic imperfections — cracks, splits, knots, and contours — hallmarks of a style that’s as distinctive as your own.

For those with an eye for coordinated aesthetics, we recommend selecting pieces together to ensure a harmonious match of the timber’s innate patterns and tones. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the interior-grade timber we use, carefully seasoned to transition flawlessly into the role of your cherished furniture.

Our sustainable approach shines through in the FSC Certified Northern Scandinavian Pine we use, sourced from forests managed with the utmost care for the environment. This pine, nurtured in the harsh embrace of cold climates, boasts a durability and structural integrity that’s unparalleled. Less prone to warping, it promises stability and longevity for your timeless pieces. With Kidland Wood, you’re not just choosing furniture; you’re choosing a slice of nature’s best, crafted into pieces that resonate with life’s stories.

What you will find

Upon unveiling your new table, you’ll discover the essentials for assembly, thoughtfully prepared to ensure a seamless experience:

  • Wood Screws: Enclosed in your package are durable 25mm black carbon steel screws, chosen specifically to provide a firm hold for the legs of your table. To facilitate a straightforward setup, we’ve taken the liberty of pre-drilling the holes where these screws will securely fasten the legs.
  • Hairpin Legs: Four 20cm hairpin legs, renowned for their elegant and minimalist design, accompany your table. These sleek legs are not only stylish but are engineered to offer stability and support, perfectly complementing the natural beauty of the wood.
  • Overall Height: Once assembled, your table will stand proudly at 45cm. This ideal height has been carefully considered to match the ergonomics of everyday use, ensuring your comfort whether you’re lounging with a book or entertaining guests.

Together, these components are designed to enhance your living space with a combination of aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, embodying the Kidland Wood ethos of quality and craftsmanship.


Delivery Timelines and Expectations

At Kidland Wood, we diligently craft and dispatch each order with the utmost care, ensuring it arrives at your doorstep in the pristine condition you deserve. Here’s what you can anticipate in terms of delivery:

  • Processing Time: Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery across the UK. Currently, our exclusive delivery service extends only within the UK.
  • Packaging and Dispatch: Your custom order will undergo a rigorous inspection before being thoughtfully packaged, safeguarding it on its journey to you. We partner with Parcelforce, trusted for their reliability, to handle your item with care from our workshop to your location.
  • Upon Arrival: In the exceptional case that you detect any damage or signs of wear and tear upon delivery, we ask that you contact us immediately. We are committed to your satisfaction and will promptly arrange for the return of the item and dispatch a replacement at no further expense to you.

Our pledge is to ensure a smooth and worry-free delivery experience, although we acknowledge that sometimes the unexpected can happen. Rest assured, we stand fully accountable for your order’s condition, providing peace of mind with every purchase.